Farewell Iceland

Iceland is an awesome country – and I mean that literally. It is awe-inspiring.

Despite its status as one of the smallest European countries, traveling its perimeter revealed to us the immensity of its landscape.

It is full of raw, rugged, powerful natural beauty that we have encountered in few other places in the world.



Roaring waterfalls.

Quiet fields of flowers.

Majestic beaches.

Cliffs with walls of seabirds you may otherwise only ever see in a zoo.

Geothermal beauty everywhere.

The vast majority of Iceland is as it has always been – untouched, wild, beautiful.

I can’t recall ever hearing an American tourist say that they were going to Iceland, unless it was merely a stopover on the way to some other destination. Perhaps when folks think of going to Europe, they think of the larger destinations such as France, United Kingdom, Germany, and Iceland gets overshadowed by their presence. This should not be the case. If you ever get the opportunity to go to Iceland, and you have even one bone in your body that appreciates the great outdoors, you simply must go. There is nothing like Iceland in the rest of the world.

Iceland’s natural beauty has left us awestruck and eager to one day return. And return one day we certainly will. Until then, farewell Iceland.

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