The Purpose of This Blog

There are just a few simple purposes for this simple blog.

First, this will be a place to store all of our favorite photos, videos, and any travel memories for our future remembrance. We tend to be forgetful people, and don’t want to forget the details of this trip!

Second, this blog will allow our friends and family to know what we’re up to as we travel to different parts of the world.

Third, this will be something that we hope to show our children and grandchildren some day. I know I treasure any travel journals from my parents and grandparents and want to see the places they once saw. If you’re reading this as our future child, grandchild, or relative of any kind – hello from 2021! Yes, we were skinnier and didn’t have wrinkles at one point in our lives.

We’re honored to have you along for the ride as we adventure through Europe!

Next stop… Iceland.

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