Lisbon, Portugal

August 12-13: On the way back to the United States in between Venice and New York City, we had an overnight layover in Lisbon, Portugal. We deliberately chose the flight
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Venice, Italy

August 8-12: Buckle in – our stay in Venice was the longest segment of our trip, and as such this is our longest post. That’s probably why it’s taken us
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Rome, Italy

August 5-8: Our second-to-last stop in Italy was Rome! We were lucky enough to have found a wonderful AirBnB near many of the major sights and sounds of Rome. The
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Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast, Italy

August 2-5: After the simple pleasures of the Italian countryside, we caught a train from Spello to the Naples metropolitan region – the highest populated in all of Italy. We
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Spello, Italy

July 31-August 2: After Assisi, we took a train just 20 minutes south to Spello. Spello is a village of roughly 8,000 people, and is too small to be known
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Siena and Assisi, Italy

July 28-31 Siena After Florence, we used one of our few remaining Eurail Pass tickets to hop down to the city of Siena. Siena is a smaller city than Florence,
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June 11th 2021

Flight from Charlotte, NC to Reykjavík, Iceland

June 12-22

Camper van around the full ring road in Iceland.

June 25-29

Bruges, Heist, Brussels

June 22-25
The Netherlands

Amsterdam, Haarlem, Gouda

June 29-July 1

Luxembourg City

July 2-6

Heidelberg, Berlin

July 7-9
Czech Republic


July 9-11


July 12-14

Bollodingen, Bern

July 15-25

Paris, Caen, Vellediue-les-Poêles, Normandy beaches, Mont Saint-Michel, Marseilles, Nice

July 26-August 12

Florence, Siena, Assisi, Spello, Salerno, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Venice

August 12-August 13th


August 13th 2021
Finish Line

Flight from Venice, Italy to Charlotte, NC

In June 2021, we were blessed with the opportunity to travel together to Europe. We are so grateful for this opportunity to experience the broader world together, and are looking forward to documenting our adventure of a lifetime on this blog.

Check back every few days for an update. We are honored to have you along for the journey!